Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Alix and I’m a  brand new stay-at-home mom. I recently left my job in social work to be home with my two little boys (a toddler and newborn)

I titled my blog “Fool” Raising Boys for two reasons. 1. Because I feel like a fool most days. Does anybody ever really know what they’re doing?! And 2. It is a play on one of my favorite songs and a nod to the social worker in me. The song Change by Carrie Underwood contains the line: “Don’t listen to them when they say, you’re just a FOOL to believe you can change the world”. I am a bit of an idealist and I went into Social Worker because I truly thought I could change the world (still do). Although I am now a full-time momma, I am and always will be a social worker. That is a part of who I am-foolish or not.

Some other things about me, I am a military brat and have lived a bunch of different places (thanks for your service, Dad!) but primarily grew up in Michigan. My husband and I are college sweethearts and we moved down to North Carolina after college to pursue graduate degrees (Law for him and a Master’s in Social Work for me). My in-laws live here in the South but we still have a lot of family up north and we try and get back “home” as frequently as possible-although with two little ones as well as two fur babies, travel has become a little bit more difficult!

I am a vegetarian and have been, on and off, for about 7 years. I LOVE to cook so I’ll definitely be sharing some yummy dishes occasionally!

I believe kindness, love and equality are the most important things in life and I try to live authentically with these three things in mind.

Becoming a mom opened up my eyes to a whole new world, but becoming a stay-at-home-mom is a brand new adventure that I’m excited to share with you!