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toddler noms

Disclaimer about the meat/no meat sitch: M does occasionally eat meat-mostly when we are out to eat-but we’ve decided that being a vegetarian/vegan is a personal choice. For me, I know my body and a vegetarian diet is what works best to keep all systems working properly. I made this choice on my own and I think M should be able to do the same.

Disclaimer #2: I am by no means pretending to have this whole toddler eating thing under control. As you will read-M is eating pretty good for the time being. So what that means is at any given moment he could decide to stop liking anything and everything I put in front of him. Once when he was a little over a year old he decided he would ONLY eat blackberries and he would ONLY eat them with a spoon. So yea I’m not an expert. I am, however, proud of him in this moment for how well he’s eating. So here goes a post about what this little man is currently chowing on!

I’m kind of excited about my posts this week for a couple different of reasons.

  1. My toddler is actually eating during this season of life. Right now he eats with very little encouragement, begging, bribing, etc. Because if you’re not a parent then you may not know that the number one thing that will drive you INSANE when having children is mealtimes. They will snack till the cows come home, but then you sit down for an actual meal of food and you would rather pull your own hair out while listening to nails on a chalkboard. (I realize I just solved my own problem-snack too much=not hungry for dinner. Shut-up about it.)
  2. I LOVE food. And I am of the opinion the as soon as you can introduce your babes to fun and crazy foods the more adventurous and less picky they will be. Face it-us 80 and 90’s kids grew up eating the typical “meat and potatoes” American Diet. This is not at all a knock to our parents or older generations-it’s just what was the norm. I was pretty picky when I grew up-didn’t care for vegetables and could live off of spaghetti and raspberries. So currently, we are trying our hardest not to be short order cooks for our 2+ year old. Whatever we eat for dinner, he eats. Or at least a version of it (aka-leave the extra sriracha off of his pad thai). So when I decided to ditch meat from my diet I was basically forced to try incorporating more veggies, beans, and legumes into my diet. Fortunately it stuck and now I love eating and cooking more than ever. So seeing M trying and LIKING different types of cuisines, lots of different veggies and things like my favorite veggie burgers (which you can find here. The title is right they are perfect.) just makes me so happy.

Did I said a “couple” reasons? I meant a few so here’s the 3rd reason I’m excited for this week of posts:

3. Remember that part about snacking all day? Well I’m constantly on the lookout for healthy and easy snacking options for both me and M. The same old cheerios and crackers get reeeeaaallly old. Well we’ve been fortunate enough to get to try out some really yummy and HEALTHY snacks that I can’t wait to tell y’all about later this week so stay tuned!

So here’s a break down of what my big kid is munching on these days.


Breakfast is usually one scrambled egg and some fruit. M LOVES fruit. He would eat just fruit, only fruit at all hours of the day if he could. We’re pretty okay with that. The only problem is that the hubs or I will open the fridge and go to grab for some berries (remember how I could LIVE on raspberries) and then think to ourselves “Oh wait those are M’s”, like we can’t have any! Well fruit is so damn expensive so we’re kind of just being frugal in that regard but also, let us have some friggin’ fruit man! 😉

M also loves my green smoothies. I think smoothies are the best way to get in greens and good stuff because they just taste the sweetness! He wakes up and asks for two things: Cheerios and a ‘soozmi’ (aka smoothie). I usually prepare little smoothie bags for the whole week that consist of: 1 cup spinach/kale; 1 cup of frozen fruit, 1 fresh banana, 2 tablespoons flaxseed, and about 2 cups of almond milk. I pop it in the freezer in the morning and we’re good to go!


Lunch consists of more fruit and I usually try to add in some veggies like cucumbers or carrot sticks. Grilled cheese, mac n’cheese, or PB & J are also in the rotation when we don’t eat left overs. The “chips” above and the crackers below are really great additions to lunches too. The crackers are made from oats with honey and flax and they are actually delicious!



This night we were eating the delicious veggie burgers I talked about above. M LOVES them and actually requests them. They are chalk full of protein with black beans, almonds, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, oats…I’m telling you they are delicious and nutritious for real! I don’t think I ate black beans, at least willingly, until I was about 22 years old and now we buy them weekly to use in different recipes and M eats them by the handful.

I was going to share a picture of our dinner tonight: Teriyaki sweet potatoes with cauliflower rice and edamame. So filling and delicious. M ate the sweet potatoes but spit out the cauliflower rice (even though he loves cauliflower) and fed the edamame to the dogs. So that was great fun to clean up!

So basically, this week, M is eating really great! In a couple weeks I might have another post about how frustrating it is that my toddler doesn’t eat! Hands in the air if you’re a parent and have said “If you eat two more bites you can have a cookie!” even if you don’t have cookies to give and are hoping they just get distracted and forget.

What do your littles eat? And how much of your hair do you pull out at each meal?!



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