the bullet journal

Y’all. Have you heard about bullet journaling? I’ve recently started my own bullet journal and it is life changing! Let me fill you in a bit…

Right after C was born, I was telling my husband that I needed a new planner but that I also wanted a journal because I was having lots of emotional moments about becoming a momma again. I am obsessed with planners and spend quite a bit of time each year deciding which planner to purchase. I love to be organized as you probably gathered from this post. Anyway, I wanted to begin affirmations, have a place to write down goals, memories about the boys, etc. I could already see the aisle at Target with beautiful planners and floral journals that had my name written aaaalllll over them, guys. Paul interjected my daydreaming and said I should start a “bullet journal” and began explaining it to me. I immediately shut him down. I guess I thought it was this rigid, structured way of  doing things and I was not all about that…

“No, babe. I need a planner because ‘blah, blah, blah’, and I obviously need a special journal because ‘yadda yadda yadda’. You don’t get it.”. 

While I was refusing to believe he could be right about something, he pulled up a random video on Youtube and I was MESMERIZED. It’s like adult coloring, planning, journaling, list-making, organizing and all the clean and pretty things! It’s therapeutic, I’m telling you. Here is the official website: Bullet Journal-The analog system for the digital age. So you can actually purchase a bullet journal that has layouts and pages already included for you or you can just purchase a blank notebook like I did and go wild. Again, I’m a slave to Pinterest you guys so I get a lot of my layout and page ideas from doing a quick search there. Take a look! The possibilities are endless.

This weeks “weekly” layout.

The beautiful thing about it is that you can make it exactly how you want it. Right now I’ve mostly used mine for weekly planning, grocery lists, blog-post ideas, and toddler play ideas. I plan on diving into affirmations, long-term goals, a “kids say the darndest thing” page, or anything else I feel needs to be written down. You start with an index page so you can easily find what you’re looking for and take it from there! This has been so helpful because this way I can look back at yummy meals I’ve made and have the list of groceries I need right there. Instead of having random lists floating around or half written notes started on my phone, everything that randomly pops into my head now has a place to be written down.

Now, I am not an artistic person at all. So don’t get overwhelmed or think it’s not for you just because you can’t draw pretty symbols or straight lines. All you need to do is get yourself a cute notebook, some good quality pens, and a ruler (optional). Your journal can be as doodled up or as minimal as you’d like. In fact there are some folks who choose to use a minimalist approach when creating their journal.

Another example of a weekly layout from a couple of weeks ago.

I write in my journal every day. I use my weekly layout to track my water and workouts, plan activities and crafts for M, devise a cleaning schedule, and plan our meals. However like I said, pages can be added for absolutely ANYTHING. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working-mom, a dad, or whoever. Bullet journals are for everyone. Take a look at some of the pages I’ve created and let me know if this is something you’re into as well! I’d love to hear about other page ideas, layouts, or how it’s simplified your life! 

As you can see I’m really not artistic. Make your pages anything you want them to be!
Add an index page at the beginning so you can easily refer to your various lists and whatnot!
Make lists about anything and everything-whatever makes sense to you!

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