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living craft wall

Let’s get real for a minute, mommas and daddys. Screen time. We love it and we hate it right? We LOVE it when we’re trying to get something accomplished like cook dinner. Or when it’s just been one of those days and you need some help and some quiet. Or when you have a newborn who doesn’t yet know how great a full night of sleep is. Sometimes I want to call my mom and apologize to her because she didn’t have Netflix when she was raising my sister and I. Slow clap for Netflix, y’all.

We also hate it though, right? I mean everywhere we look there’s another story or article about how awful screen time is. Teenagers are addicted and it’s rotting our toddler’s brains. But you guys my big kid loves movies. And I know that around 5pm if I put a movie on he’ll sit quietly while I at least get dinner started, or finish that last load of laundry, or pick up from the tornado that tore through the house earlier that day.

Save your toilet paper rolls and you can make beautiful butterflies!

So it’s good and bad and someone is always going to judge us for watching TV or giving our kids an iPad-whatever #survival, am I right?

Anyway, one thing that we really enjoy that is not sitting in front of a screen is craft time. When I was younger I always envisioned having a fridge full of little kid creations for all to see.  So recently when I’ve been tempted to flip on the TV I’ve just pulled out our big craft bag, done a quick Pinterest search, and we do a craft that can last anywhere from a couple minutes to an hour depending on what you do. Now I have to admit it’s not completely stress free, especially if you’re using paint, but you are able to just sit down for a bit and let your little one use their imagination and see their little faces light up after seeing something they’ve created.

Just an egg carton, pipe cleaners, and paint!

So after doing a few crafts I realized that a lot of what we were doing were living things: butterflies with toilet paper rolls, egg carton caterpillars and turtles and hand print fish. I wanted a fun way to display this stuff and I had the perfect blank wall in M’s playroom. But it needed to be organized right? I mean the caterpillar couldn’t just be chillin’ with the fish. LIGHTBULB! Water, earth, and sky. We’re gonna put these little critters where they’d be found in nature and then turn these crafts into teaching moments! WIN!

***My advice for the actual crafts is to find an idea but then let your and your little’s creativity run wild. Unless you’re doing something really complicated, which I wouldn’t recommend otherwise it’ll be more of a mommy craft, don’t follow instructions. Use what you’ve got and go crazy!

Simply use some white cupcake liners, let your babe paint or color them, add some orange legs and beaks and an eye and you’re good to go! Alternatively you can use decorative liners and cut out the paint/coloring part but I’m not sure it’d be as much fun 🙂
Hand prints are a fun way to paint and make for some pretty adorable crafts. We are planning on adding a couple ducks to our water soon using our hands as the body/feathers!

It took me all of 5 minutes to cut some blue waves and green grass out of construction paper and we’re planning on making some clouds with cotton balls here pretty soon.

Thumbprint flowers!

It’s been fun so far and I can see us filling up the whole playroom with our “living creature crafts”! We’re still going to watch Zootopia when mommy is at her wits end and everyone just needs to do some “deep couch sitting” but these quick and easy crafts will surely keep us busy and give us another kind of downtime while still learning and interacting with our babes!

How do you display your kid’s creations?


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